Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


@personality = ("Dr Jekyll", "Mr Hyde");
$friend = "Dr Lanyon";

print("$friend: Jekyll your research `unscientific balderdash`.n");
$research = "Unscientific Balderdash";

if ($research != "Unscientific Balderdash"){
    $personality = ("@personality[1]");
} else {
    $personality = ("@personality[0]");

if ($personality == @personality[1]){
    $personality = "evil";
} else {
    $personality = "good"
print("Dr Jekyll's research created only $personalityn");
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  • John Riselvato

    every place you see a ‘n’ were it doesn’t belong, add a infront of it so it looks like “n”, due to the way this code viewer works, it removes the