Citizen Kane

[email protected]:~$ who && ps ax | grep -i rosebud
[email protected]:~$ sudo grep -i rosebud /etc/passwd
[sudo] password for reporter:

[email protected]:~$ ssh rosebud
ssh: Could not resolve hostname rosebud: Name or service not known

[email protected]:~$ sudo grep -i rosebud /home/wife2
[email protected]:~$ ssh thatcher-archives
[email protected] password:

[email protected]:~$ grep -ri rosebud /var/logs
[email protected]:~$ exit

Connection to thatcher-archives closed.
[email protected]:~$ sudo service rosebud-research shutdown
[email protected]:~$ cat "Maybe Rosebud was something he couldn't get, or something he lost." >> conclusions.txt
[email protected]:~$ cat "I don't think any word can explain a man's life." >> conclusions.txt
[email protected]:~$ cat "No, I guess Rosebud is a piece of a jigsaw puzzle.  A missing piece." >> conclusions.txt
[email protected]:~$ exit

[email protected]:~$ rm -rfv /dev/basemt/stkpile18/junk
removed `/dev/basemt/stkpile18/junk/case0'
removed `/dev/basemt/stkpile18/junk/chair0'
removed `/dev/basemt/stkpile18/junk/chair1'
removed `/dev/basemt/stkpile18/junk/sled0'
removed `/dev/basemt/stkpile18/junk/vase0'
removed directory: `/dev/basemt/stkpile18/junk'
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