Scary Movie

Sub New
Dim oMovie as New Movie
   For each S as Scene in MovieScriptBuilder(IMDB.Movies.Genres.Horror)
      For each _Quote as IMDB.Movies.Scenes.Transcript.Quotes in S
           _Quote = Inputbox("Please slightly change quote to make funny and fit new story line", Q.ToString)

End Sub

Function MovieScriptBuilder(_Genre as IMDB.Movies.Genres) as Movie
   Dim oMovie as New Movie 'Output Movie

   For each M as Movie in IMDB.FindMovie(_Genre)
        For each S as Scene in M
             If S.RecognitionRating > 7
             End If

   Return oMovie
End Function
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  • Matt

    I made a mistake…
    Q = InputBox
    should be
    _Quote = Inputbox